Snopp& Kat Williams Pimping on king of the Hill (by kisskiss4006)

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South Park. Butters is a pimp. Turn the volume up as this clip has lackluster audio quality.

Do you know what I am saying? The content of the clip itself is up for debate. Pay for pussy or pay for pussy? Gentleman work for their women right?

Rudy Ray Moore   - Human Tornado: Main Theme (Music)
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The Human Tornado (1976) 

The Human Tornado is the sequel to Dolemite. How that sentence isn’t scribbled on some Mayan temple wall next to references of fallen empires and circling comets is beyond me. But as it is 2012, it seemed all-the-more appropriate to crack the seal on this doomsday capsule. Dolemite, as you recall (because your therapy clearly isn’t working), is the story (read: slapped-together case of visual Tourettes) of a lovable pimp sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Upon release, he takes his revenge through a series of half-finished scenes, costume changes, and lyrical freestyle sessions in which he proceeds to tie us all up and mercilessly rap us…rap us right in the ears. But clearly, this is a man whose ineffable charm and epic heroic qualities could not be contained in just one movie. Enter The Human Tornado…exit your will to live.

Outrageous. Fucking ridiculous. The film is fucking crazy even by blaxploitation standards. But I couldn’t stop watching. And I’d rather watch Dolemite than Battleship and many of the new films out now. Blaxploitation>Most New Shit.

Ice-T on the parallels in music industry and pimping

I mean, I thought about when we first built “The Dome,” I wanted to put some of those little moving bars and give everybody a little card. They’d stick it in a little computer slot. If they were tithing, beautiful music would go off and, you know, [Creflo sings] “Welcome, welcome, welcome to the World Dome.”

But…if they were non-tithers, the bar would lock up, the red and blue lights would start going, the siren would go off, and a voice would go out throughout the entire dome, “Crook, crook, crook, crook!”. Security would go and apprehend them, and once we got them all together, we’d line them up in the front and pass out Uzis by the ushers and point our Uzis right at all those non-tithing members ’cause we want God to come to church, and at the count of three “Jesus”-es we’d shoot them all dead. And then we’d take them out the side door there, have a big hole, bury them, and then go ahead and have church and have the anointing.

Aren’t you glad we’re under the Blood of Jesus? Because if we were not under the Blood of Jesus, I would certainly try it.

Creflo Dollar (via searchingforbadassmagic)

Is this for real?


stole this out freddys room, he dead on this shit



stole this out freddys room, he dead on this shit

You’re not a pimp until all your hoes know each other.