I’m not on tumblr to prove to people how amazing and smart I am, I’m here for nudes.

Ha ha. I know alot of you all subscribe to this. 

Personal Question. What do you do when you’re horny?

Fap? Call up someone? Go out look for someone in a bar/club? Are you part of a scene ie Swinging? Are you in a relationship?

*I see plenty of post on Tumblr about people wishing they could be engaging in sexual activity. And I’m puzzled.*

Is this like people not playing the lotto and wishing they could hit the jackpot? You have to talk and initiate conversation. Right? Or maybe Craigslist ads are for you. What has worked in the past? Personal networks?

Atlanta people especially, I’m curious.


I couldn’t bring myself to just meet up for sex with someone I barely know.
I couldn’t do the one night stand thing, I can’t do the friends with benefits thing.
My mind just will not allow it.

I get so horny, but most of the time I’d rather just masturbate. *shrugs*

really? to each its own. i’ll fuck the shit outta strangers. FWB, one nighters. It’s whatever given safety and respect are part of the process. 


the whole time i was followin this person’s photos i thot they were asian but turns out theyre white!! the power of makeup

Lmao!! Hell naw.

2 Domains Purchased. Now to get the actual site built. Shit will be amazing.

Buying the domains pushes me to get it done, creates momentum, and saves those domains.

I’m going to hand draw my website and see if it can be made. I have a vision for this.

That said, what are your favorite websites, aesthetically speaking? What backgrounds do you like? Menus? Navigation ease? Should a site have Stylish options?

Sidenote. Kindle Fire is small as hell.

Gym, Healthcare Law, and Tablets

Went today. To gym I mean. Decent workout.

A guy I’ve seen from time to time walked in as I walked in. In the locker room he talked about how he just got into a small wreck. Motorcycle problems. A car suddenly pulled in front of him and he couldn’t slow down. Instead of crashing into the car he fell from the bike. Wasn’t too banged up to work out. Bike culture is real too. There’s a community apparently.

Because guy just fell from the bike he had a small break of skin on his knee, and needed some alcohol to clean it. Coincidentally there was a doctor in the locker room and had alcohol and bandaids.

I struck up conversation with the doctor. He worked at a local hospital. I had to ask him about Obama’s Healthcare Law. He’s supports change. He said the new law isn’t perfect but it gives us something to work with. And insurance companies are giving rebates. The have to use 80% of premiums for healthcare costs and not for profits per “Obamacare”. Makes sense and I was unaware. The doctor mentioned he had a 25 year old who could now hop back on his insurance because of Obamacare. Being a student of politics, I wondered if I was on the right side of the argument, with not being in a hospital or experiencing the medical field myself. But. It seems the doctor agrees with the new law. 

Got my hands on a tablet. Little Sister’s old tablet. I’ve never been one for tablets. And my feelings are confirmed. Tablets suck for the most part. I have a capable PC laptop and smartphone. I don’t need a tablet aside from reading on a tablet. Reading PDFs on the tablets is good shit versus a laptop…Kinda. It depends. But I’m not one for games and shit. I can live without shit other people love when it comes to apps and whatnot. Remember the HP Touchpads? Those are goof when converted to android. Acer has some which aren’t half bad. I don’t recommend Arnova. 

Song of the day: Mac Miller-Down The Rabbit Hole


I’m mobile, and didn’t want to publish your message (I can’t reply privately on app…at least on android) so I’m typing this.

Atlanta is weird in many ways. Feeling alienated and isolated can happen. I felt that way in the past. Even being in a relationship, I still felt that way. Friendship is critical. Treasure your close friends. It’s hard to make new friends. At least good one’s. And I hope your relationship is a place of…comfort and replenishment. If not, I can only assume it’s draining. Aside from these 2 things, you have to pick your battles. Gas gets too high? Don’t bitch about it; carpool or take commuter bus/MARTA if possible. I try and use a similar philosophy in my social life. You know science and shit. Balance the fucking equation. For a negative reaction add a positive. So reach out. If the issue is schedules and whatnot, phone calls are better than nothing. Idk your social life right now. But don’t let GA get you down. Quite frankly, the South is too backwards to let it get you down. So you may have to take a step back and reevaluate some shit. Look inside yourself. See what is bogging you down and find the remedy.

Like after a while Tumblr got boring. Then I followed more business, news, film, art, and random blogs. A very easy change. Adaptation and evolution are key.

As for your major, there’s a lot of opportunity out there for STEM majors. I kinda wish I studied engineering, just because of the demand. But I picked political science and making it do what it do. Inner peace and being at peace with your life is a given too.

Meh. Skipping Father’s Day Discussions today.

I can’t do it today. Father’s Day is personal. Especially if your childhood was a little fucked up and fatherless. I am not bitter. But this is a conversation I can’t have on both ends. While now I do have like a “play Dad” or whatever you call someone who plays that role, I can’t relate totally with people who had nuclear households growing up. Or at least knew their dads. And I have absolutely no desire to have children for about another 2 decades, fatherhood for me personally just isn’t something I can relate to….just like I can’t relate to celibacy. But that’s another conversation.

Random. I may go and buy Soul Calibur 2 again. I seemed to lose the disc. But I need to whoop as Nightmare in survival mode. 200 wins, I think I can reach it, although the AI is cheap and crafty.

Inevitable Music Journey and more.

I’m going to get into 2 decades of music.

The first decade will be the 70s. Sexy jazz grooves and I compatible. Funky sexy sounds never get old. And of course there’s the unity of blaxploitation and music soundtracks due to the structure of movie studios at the time. There’s too many obscure tracks I have missed from the 70s. And I mean black soul/funk. Like music outside of Motown and whatnot. Like I just discovered The Moments-Sexy Mama last year. And this brings me to the next decade of music.

80s. Sexy synth grooves and early hip hop tracks. For the latter I mean Breakin’ and Beatsreet type music. I want to know these songs. Din Da Da will always be a very interesting track to me. For the 80s, early hip hop is what I’m after but, I do want to look into the runoff of the 70s music into the 80s. Most basic example is Isley Brothers-Between the Sheets. Synthesized soul ballads essentially. There’s other tracks out there. Just relatively obscure.

Plus people like:


Blue Magic


Back in the day, if you were successful did you move out of the neighborhood? Stay? Or do you have to move into an exclusive place for status sake? GTA: San Andreas is always intriguing because it begs the question (when you get Sweet out of jail). I was listening to a radio interview about Norman Connors. He talked about how influential people lived in the neighborhood and there was more community. It helped shape him and contributed to his success. But we have the internet today I guess.

Side note. College students who’d like to give back and get some volunteer experience at high schools. I spoke with a teacher and it’s easy to give back. Just speak with a department head and/or assistant principal for whatever subject you’d like to tutor and they can help set up a time for you to come in. Ziggys job made me think about ways to help out our struggling schools. At least hour a week isn’t very much. Once my schedule is set I’ll try and visit the local high school. Or I’ll just go anyway. I mean you’ll creating references and building your resume too.

Sinus Infection and Not Insured.

So. For 2-3 weeks, I’ve been chronically congested and whatnot. The winter was mild and apparently all of the plants didn’t die off so people who don’t have allergies normally are having issues; this was how the doctor explained it to me. I’m young guy. I go to the gym. Try and eat alright. So for me to have a lingering health issue is crazy. Obviously a sinus infection isn’t a big deal overall but I’m not used to getting sick in general.

So what did I do? I did everything over the counter. Allergy medicine. Cold medicines. Decongestion. I figured by I had a sinus infection because the congestion would not go away. After about 3 weeks, I knew it had to be an infection. So I went to the Publix’s pharmacy. I explained what was going on and the individual working at the pharmacy informed me antibiotics must be prescribed. I am uninsured. 

My options. I attend a university. Most big schools have some kind health services available for students. GSU health center….is not ideal. So CVS Minute Clinic was my go to option. My mistake was not doing more research before going to the clinic. I went to CVS clinic before for a physical. That’s it. But I should’ve looked into what other options were available. I mean how much does it cost for a doctor to tell me something I already know which is I have a sinus infection? $79 fee. After a quick look at me, she confirmed what I already knew. She basically was the gatekeeper of the medication in this scenario.

Yea. I wasn’t too happy about it. But. Publix Pharmacy has free antibiotics. Can’t beat that. So by saving $20, it’s like $59 exam.

So my family doesn’t have much money. I get help but insurance and whatnot aren’t on the menu of middle class amenities I can enjoy. I think about the workforce, the military, and other options in the future which could grant access to healthcare. I don’t get sick often, but situations like this, I get frustrated.

  1. Should I done something different?
  2. For my Libertarian/Liberty bloggers, what’s your opinion on the healthcare debate in the US?
  3. For everyone in general, what’s your healthcare status?
  4. Is healthcare an issue for you in the election?


Looks interesting for sure. This is the shit we don’t learn in college.



Looks interesting for sure. This is the shit we don’t learn in college.

I look around my college campus and wonder; how often do people have sex?



Don’t know unless you ask. I wonder if people get it in less or more than I think.

there are people that you would NEVER think are getting laid…that would make porn stars seem lazy.

me personally? ain’t shit goin on over here, mayn. lol

Lol. I’m wondering if celibacy is a thing. Like by virtue of no relationship or by choice. 

I look around my college campus and wonder; how often do people have sex?

Don’t know unless you ask. I wonder if people get it in less or more than I think.



Definitions Of Love (by campusmoviefest)

Hey everyone, this is a short film I made about love. Tell me what you think. I would like feedback if possible.

I submitted this as part of CMF contest; they were looking for dramas or comedies so documentaries didn’t get much play. I didn’t win. Films which didn’t win can make the wildcard. I felt it’s worth a try to earn a wild card spot as well as share my movie. Hope you guys enjoy!

I will be reblogging this a couple times.

C’mon yall, show my video some love! Need some feedback and reblogs. Look on my page.

Definitions of Love is a documentary about people discussing love and their own experiences.