Acting: Great Acting vs Great Entertainers

I’m just wondering. What’s the difference in screen presence and actual acting.

Like Al Pacino is the same character in every movie. But is he “acting” or just fun to watch? Morgan Freeman is the same guy. But he’s entertaining.

Obviously some movies are shitty and don’t allow for deep character development. Chris Evans as Captain America could’ve been a very dark and interesting character but the film makers went safe. Can an actor or actress get into character much? Like Larry Fishburne as Furious and Morpheus are great performances and entertaining and the same time. Training Day had great performances all around…but some films are just…fluff. It’s a fine line for sure. Like I feel Robert Downey Jr does more film presence than acting just due to his roles. They’re similar. People with great screen presence don’t suck. It’s just a discrepancy.

If you were an actor/actress would you rather be in a great premium channel series or great film?

Basically what I’m asking is would you rather be say…Tom Hardy in Inception, a side character role with decent screen time, or be one the characters from True Blood? Good trilogies don’t come around much often. Tobey was Pete 3 times. Bale was Wayne 3 times. Franchises as of late have been fantasy/comic shit. Transformers and Shia are another example.

But HBO has some great shit. People love True Blood. The Newsroom isn’t bad even if you’re not into 24 hour news programming. The Wire. Oz. Life and Times of Tim is an incredible animated series. Showtime and Starz have their own shows as well. But HBO probably has the most memorable. Speaking of Tom Hardy, he was in Band of Brothers. Entourage was fun too. Just great production value and great writing. And HBO dramas are generally 50ish minutes long. So say 10 episodes a season. 5 seasons. That’s alot more screen time versus a film. And ol girl from the Newsroom is attractive; the aggressive chick with black hair. What is she? A Eurasian mix? I digress.

Now being a super famous celebrity generally comes from blockbuster films. Generally actors have to do some bullshit then do indie films and arty stuff. Like Flight of the Concords probably could be a film like a Napoleon Dynamite type feel, but a series was a better fit. I just kind it a difficult choice imaging myself in a position to pick roles. Like Did fucking Heath Ledger know his Joker would become…what it has? Obviously no one wants to be restricted to premium shows. But Christian Bale in Rescue Dawn is a great. But I’d love to Bale in a HBO series too. Like Inglorious Basterds the series with Brad Pitt as Aldo would be fucking great. Like life after the war. 

What would your choices be?


Acting: 101 

To be, or not to be? We may never know for sure, but it isn’t as hard as you’d think to convincingly deliver your favorite Bill Shakespeare lines.

We got some tips on the basics of acting to help you pull off Hamlet — or a guy trying to save the world from asteroids — with total confidence. Check out the full lesson in the Vimeo Video School!

Gotta watch later, internet speed at the library sucks.


The Root - Black Actresses: Where are the Good Roles?

Kim Wayans: “I didn’t think we’d still be having this same conversation so many years later …The 90s were so bright and promising for people of color in Hollywood, and I for one thought it would only get better with the chance for me and other black actresses to portray any number of characters and in all types of stories.’’

Debbie Allen: “I remember in the 80s when my sister Phylicia (Rashad) was on the The Cosby Show and I was on Fame, girl, you couldn’t tell me that it wasn’t a brand new day for black women and the way we were portrayed in film and television… No one could have told me we’d go in the complete reverse in the decades to come.’’

Angela Bassett:  “I’m a black actress, honey—what can I tell you but I have no idea what’s next for me.”

Donald Bogle, film historian and professor at New York University: “It’s sad to say that the roles for African-American women haven’t strayed very far from what was comfortable for white or mainstream audiences to see years ago …Roles that show black women as maids, nannies, or sidekicks for the mainstream world continue to reduce black women to support systems and to only being there to service the needs of others. It’s a disturbing trend to see keep repeating itself year after year.’

I’m living for Debbie Allen’s and Angela Bassett’s commentary. Getting my ENTIRE life from those Fabulous Mother-Sisters. 

Hopefully this will change soon…

Nicolas Cage losing his shit

I think I can tell whether I am watching a good performance by an actor. I dare say Cage is skilled. I may not agree with his methods [watch his Inside the Actor’s Studio] but these perfomances were over the top…