What is interesting is how some people use this platform. Some people articulate inner dialogue with ease while others post differently. But. I realize it’s about platforms. I think my platform is talking/hanging out more than social media.

There are no black kickers/punters in NFL.

Do white people have incredibly strong legs?

I feel like job searching is like the law system. I’m supposed to prove I’m a great worker just like I’m supposed to prove non guilt. It’d be nice if it was other way around. Like employers had to prove they weren’t shitty places to work.

searching for jobs. I just want to make cartoons. make films. write. create.

the pragmatic solution for me would be to continue my career track. 4-5 more years of school, major dollars though.

so what to do? I the meantime I need to write. but how do I get a hold of literary agents to shop my screen plays around? Ideas come to me how rain drops come to the ground during a storm. It’s effortless for me to create scenarios, characters, sketches, and whatnot. but forking over 100,000 to an art institute wasn’t happening. should I move to LA? I’ve considered it…just walk around and hope for the best-burst into some producer’s office and pitch my ideas.

Web stuff is hot. Web stuff is boring. I switched from computer science for this reason. I’m a great user of software, but the coding/programming side is very tedious.


Who is Tracy Ellis Ross’s daddy? How she end up so thick and her mom is a twig?

Some Jew is her daddy. Robert Ellis Silberstein.


*My face and my scarves

Was in my likes.

Athlete Stuff

I still don’t understand why athletes slap each other on the ass? Like why not pat each other on the back? Dap? Chest bump? The Ass should be plan D, not Plan A. No pun intended lol.

And why is Doc Rivers on NBC as a pundit/commentator?

And is Marco Polo X Soccer a sport?

Juice. I want juice.

Extreme Markets and Capitalism.

Ok. Perhaps I’m a conspiracy theorist or I am very suspicious of the elite. But let’s consider a couple of things.

The Federal Reserve. This is a private bank in which the president can appoint a head guy. Bernake is current guy. The fed bank is a private institute. What does this mean? Well it means it prints money at interest. Why? Because we have no gold standard. Were are on the debt standard. Why is this problematic? Well unless I am mistaken if the US paid all of it’s debt the dollar would become worthless. This would explain why debt has proliferated for decades. Apparently the Federal Reserve Act is the work of the elite and bankers almost a century ago. But debt is value. Thus student loans are designed for debt accumulation? This is why community colleges have lackluster reputations when they are clearly the cheaper choice for the first 2 years of education which have limited educational value? We all dream of going to a big school. Driving a nice car (if your parents didn’t buy one). Getting a nice house (an apartment will suffice for many and for good reason). And other dumb shit. Having an Allegedly debt system means what exactly? Perhaps more financially and economic minds can reblog with a better explanation. Or refute my claims.

Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps.

Now everything has a purpose. But making money without producing goods is theft or extortion. Unless it’s legal; granted there are some legitimate reasons for derivatives and whatnot. But now this shit is extreme. Gambling basically. Gambling and scheming. And it’s legal. Subprime mortgages…Again reblog if you’d like with your 2¢.

Hyper Gentrification.

New Orleans. Spain. Everywhere? Make money from bad times. Land grabs are happening now. And why? What exactly determines the value of homes? In New Orleans, this issue is more complicated. In Spain when banks tank you can get a steal. Vultures. There’s an NPR piece about it. But say a regular US home. How does a house lessen value overnight? How does the value artificially rise? Property taxes are an issue for this reason. But buying a lot of property in areas of poverty and building fucking condos. Yikes. Again. Reblog. Provide links supporting or refuting. I’m open to whichever.

Imperialism Is Underlying Variable For Successful Modern Capitalism.

Not much to say here. Africa. Middle East. Depending on your resources, your country is game. Case study is Saudi Arabia. How did they avoid a resource curse and build a financial sector? Why is Iran an issue (before the revolution). How are certain states avoiding dependency? The other obvious imperial need for modern capitalism is labor. Chinese worker suicides aside, is it moral to have these workers work for little? Is it moral to charge $60-80 for some shit costing $5 to produce?

Utter lack of Progress and Innovation.

Well this is simple. So long as it makes money, fuck progress. Why is internet still pricey? It’s 2012 and the average car still runs on gasoline. Modern Diesels are far superior. Yet emissions standards unfairly target diesels making them more difficult to sell. More people using the efficient diesels means less fuel used meaning less profits for big oil. Is this a practical conclusion? Is big oil blindly operating for profits? Are they truly endorsing alternative fuels? Reblog with option. Oh yea. Pizza is a fucking vegetable? When politicians seriously consider that, you have to wonder.

I’m not saying a New World Order and Elites are trying establish horrific norms for our society. I’m saying there is something inherently wrong. I won’t even go into how shallow higher education can be. College is kinda like Tumblr. Make a post (or write a paper) about doing some kind of protest or volunteer (topic) instead of doing it or getting hands on practical experience. So. Yea. I’m mobile so no read more option. Hope I’m not ruining your fap session. Just Google anything mentioned. Do your own research.


Go for walk.

Read about Knightfall story arch in Batman universe.

Watch a Tom Hardy interview to hear his regular voice.

Reevaluate Tumblr opinion. Dark Knight Rises shits on the Avengers with half of the special effects.

Director/Actor combos are cool. The exception is Depp and Tim Burton. Tired of those 2. But Levitt and Nolan have chemistry.

Christian Bale is the greatest Batman? Possibly. I thought of Rescue Dawn. No Spoilers though.

Clean up.


Watch films while drawing.

Shout out to thatfriendlyblackguy for also being on the exercise tip.


Black Walmarts=plenty of leggings, short shorts, busted looking people, and guts poking out. Pleasant shopping experience though.

Some stores are better for certain items. I just finished a 3 store journey.

Publix reigns supreme when it comes to buy one and get one free.

Krogers has those delicious donut holes and donuts for $1.50ish.

Walmart has minute maid for $1. In the summer they bring the price down. But it’s only like 5% juice so it’s whatever. Walmart has anything too of course.

BLAXPLOITATION. This is the only genre where you can see pimps do Kung Fu. Watching Superfly now. The story lines are a trip. White people were always interesting too. Either evil and racist or something crazy.

I used those recyclable carrying bags so I wouldn’t get so much plastic bags. I always forget I have them in the trunk.

Be nice to your car. It’ll be nice to you. I think I’m finally gonna order some new speakers next week too.

The Doors. Mac Miller. Curtis Mayfield. Michael of course. Blood on the Dance floor: history in the mix is underrated just as History is underrated.

John Travolta. Went from Greased Lightning to being fat and gay. Pop culture. At this point this is simply a stream of consciousness I’d say. Spouting whatever.

Did Rick James go to heaven? If Satan tortures bad people is he like a contractor for God? Instead of God punishing bad people he gets Satan to do it? What does God pay with?

Platoon. 1986. Vietnam War film.

This shit is cold!! Barnes capped Elias! Damn. Great cast. Everything looks real minus some of the pyrotechnics. Charlie Sheen and Willem Dafoe are my fav characters. Black actors actually got screen time throughout the film. Fuck Barnes! (Barnes was the truth in his own way).

Apocalypse Now

Many intense moments. When a film with action is smart, the results are usually ideal.

  1. Sometimes I feel like I’m just talking to myself on here. I’m not sure how I’d define my space on Tumblr.
  2. I miss Mad TV a little. I know the last episodes weren’t the best. But still. 
  3. Atlanta tumblrs are like unicorns cuz I can’t find them. Or at least something beyond photo blogs and blog similar to how I blog. Maybe I just don’t want to follow some white girl who post pics of flowers and celebrities. 
  4. My PC works great for me.
  5. Watch local news? It’s both hilarious and sad. 
  6. Will Lil Wayne return to Tha Carter I era style and raps? 
  7. You just wonder how many people in Hollywood are gay. How does one get famous? Is there a commission who decides who gets parts and shit?
  8. Paul Mooney. No comment. I just think he’s funny. I enjoy raw comedians. Patrice O’Neal too obviously.
  9. Conjunction junction. 
I assumed Kanye [and other rappers] got $$$ for repping Louis Vuitton and more.

Why rep something where the Black dollar isn’t really respected in my opinion? I went into a Louis store and I guess I expected to see Kanye somewhere. I mean he was “Martin Louis King Jr.”

Then again if he was white it wouldn’t be an issue. I would think Kanye and Louis would partner up like Kanye and Nike. Just a random thought.

Also. I thought about 8 Mile. Is 8 Mile corny? Is any hip hop/rapper movie great? Belly is debatable. But I enjoyed the freestyles in 8 Mile. Breakin’….well the dancing is great. What do white people think about 8 Mile? Black? Arab? Latino? I’m curious. 

I feel the need to look into conspiracy theories for some reason. The Illuminati and government officials and shit. Or is the Illuminati a distraction in the 1st place to cover uo the truth? So Metal Gear Solid Shit. I might start posting conspiracy theories for the hell of it. 

Where’s Martin? And has anyone found Larenz Tate? After Crash I haven’t seen his ass. Dave Chappelle is blackballed from industry? 

Seen “Hallpass”? I think people do that anyway. 

Long Film Post

Yea. I’m a Keanu Reeves Stan. I’m bout to download “Hardball” later. I’m not sure if it’s a white savior movie but I think its decent. Laws of attraction can never be predicted. I’m not attracted to him sexually or anything. But I suppose it’s his timbre. I don’t see sounds but I think timbre is playing a role just like why I enjoy Jim Morrison’s vocals. I’m looking forward to Keanu’s 2012 features. Watching Devil’s Advocate now. Al Pacino aged bad.

Whatever happened to Larenz Tate?

Should Ludacris be like Justin Timberlake and focus on acting?

Moderation. Balance. Equilibrium. These are important.

Why wasn’t a King of the Hill movie made?

What are the lifestyles of porn stars? How much do they make? Is porn film?; a simple documentation of sex or a…creation of fantasy? I’m kinda against porn now. If youre single, solo sex is ok, but going out to bars and clubs seeking a partner seems like better time than being in front of a computer. Just my opinion, to each its own.

Are video games becoming interactive films? I miss actual gameplay. Plus I can’t afford games. Shit. $60 spent on a video game is money for date night.

Film is powerful. Fight off social constructions. Minorities in films usually aren’t the best representations of real minorities. I always recommend learning a little film and psychology theory to understand the images you see.