Shitty blogs and stuff.

I’m not saying my Tumblr is the greatest. But I do believe some blogs are more ideal than others and there is certain way to “tumblr”.

I go through random blogs via my notifications or tags. And I’m surprised at the high consistency of shitty blogs. Photo blogs help the argument there’s no big difference between pin interest and Tumblr. Obviously if you’re a photographer or uploading new content then it’s whatever. But an entire Tumblr of reblogged pics usually doesn’t warrant a follow. There’s a great exception but I can’t remember her Tumblr name. Like if there’s a theme or something then that’s cool but I don’t see that much. I’m aware of caveats. I guess I want people to use the platform in a community sense. Otherwise the experience overall isn’t as rich?

Usually when there’s some mix of personal stuff it’s usually good.

Also. Atlanta people out there? I go on the Atlanta tag and see goofy stuff. Mostly pics of buildings. Any ‘regular’ blogs? Or people born and raised on 808 music? 2 Live Crew and So So Def type stuff? Because an “ATL” Tumblr circle is something I haven’t seen or don’t know about. Maybe I should go to a Tumblr meetup.

Also. Recent grads? Have you ever considered since people are living longer, the top spots in companies will continue to be occupied by old mothafuckas? Like some dude will be 87 when he retires? How will you move up to those high echelon jobs? Are co-ops the natural evolution of businesses?

Also. Go Eli Manning and them.

  1. josephjoestarfanclub said: yeah i know what you’re talking about. there’s too much distance between the people you really want to connect with lol
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